Facts About Sports

Facts About Sports

Sports has many benefits. You can say that our ancestors survived because of a sport and that was hunting. It is called a sport now but then it was a way of survival. We have seen so many people whose lives were miserable and one thing that changed their lives was sports. There are so many athletes who claim that they were drug addicts and some were poor and they made up their mind to change their lives for better and sports was and is the major key player in doing so. Though these players have to go through sports injury physical therapy which can be very time taking and sometimes expensive.

There have been so many times; like the wrestling sports where the fighters break their teeth in a very drastic way. And they have to get their treatment from the best dental center in Abu Dhabi but it is worth every second of pain that they endure. If you are a sports freak then we know that how addicting it can be and that is why we have come up with some amazing facts about sports.

  • We know that golf is the most expensive games in the world as the players make uncountable and unthinkable amount of cash. But the strange thing is that in 1457, this game was banned in England for almost a decade.
  • This will be a funny fact. Baseball is the game that is played by all the kids in school and you will be gagging to know that the umpire specially has to wear a black undie.
  • There are some of us who will hate all kinds of sports but love basketball and for those people, you will be shocked to know that the man in the logo of NBA is a former player.
  • We all know that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in the world and you will be shocked to know that he is the brand ambassador of Nike.
  • We all are aware of Olympics and the first ever Olympics was held in Athens, Greece.
  • The funny part about the first Olympics race is that it was won by a chef.
  • The Olympics games have changed a lot and there was a time when tug of war was also included in it.

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